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10 Years of Graduates- Celebrate!

10 Years Celebration

The event was accompanied by a tabla ( Indian Traditional drums) player and comparisons to this can be drawn to summarise the evening.

He was a surprise, it is a surprise that so many people arrived to join the graduates and their families at this special event.

He is a craftsman and played the tabla's competently. Well, the graduates are now competent and Allen College practitioners are also competent and proud of their craft.

He was flexible he played not only traditional Indian music but played with the guitarist and singers who also attended the evening. He was fast and slow, artistic and technically correct. What more could you want from homoeopaths?

He had a cheerful demeanour and made us feel the college mattered. Just like the homoeopathic consultation.

Ten years ago we celebrated our graduation in the County Hotel as we were more nomadic. Now we have our own purpose built centre which is both professional and comfortable enabling a sense of belonging, a place where no judgement passes, only encouragement.

When planning the entertainment we couldn't get Stevie Wonder or Elton John or even Gary Barlow (like others) but we have as always our reliable Chris Stevens who has entertained at our college celebrations and charity events, cheerfully and willingly.

Students vary and amongst them we've had

'Relaxed but intense'

'realised learning is spherical not linear'

'travelled from the USA for much of the course'

'Dedication, some start again!'

'Open, humble'

The weather did not favour the event so the planned garden party was enjoyed in the two classrooms with delicious Indian food and scrumptious puddings.