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Lorraine Smillie re: Patients Article

I had the opportunity to try homeopathy several times as I grew up in India. In India homeopathy is a branch of medicine just like the allopathy or Ayurvedic medicines are. Until recently, I had used it for rather simple ailments like cough, cold allergies etc.

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with an aggressive grade III breast cancer in September 2012. I went through the entire drill of cancer treatment: chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, Herceptin and hormonal treatment. I am extremely thankful that the treatment through conventional medicine helped me get rid of cancer but it also left me with several side effects. The magnitude and the intensity of the side effects of the cancer treatment caught me unawares. Chemo had left symptoms such as severe nausea, vomiting and insomnia. Surgery left the operated area and its vicinity extremely painful and numb. The shooting pain that felt like electric shocks as it ran through the operated breast forced me to double up with pain. Radiation therapy left the breast burnt and made me feverish. Apart from this, there was some damage to the nerves in the breast as well as the leg. After radiation therapy, I often stayed up in the night due to pain and discomfort. The hormonal treatment had made me menopausal; hot flushes were frequent and sleeping during the night became a distant dream!

Letter From Past Patient to Jan Taylor


 "Hello Jan I don't know if you remember me, I used to visit you for my son, D....., a little boy that was born prematurely and had chronic lung disease. It has been a long time since we last saw each other. I have since moved back to Portugal, D..... is now almost 8 years old and the baby I had is now 2. D....'s health has been great, and I can never thank you enough, for I know it was the work you did with him and homeopathy that has brought him to be such a healthy and resilient boy. In fact, to see the results D...... had from homeopathy, it has encouraged me to do a course on Naturopathy and Homeopathy, which I finished with great results, and am now going to start using my knowledge to help other people. Can only hope, in this new venture, I can be as kind and dedicated has you have always been to us. Once more, thank you for all your help with D..... - and in fact, the whole family - and for being an inspiration for me".


News From Jan Taylor


Jan Taylor
To: "Subrata Banerjea"
Date: Monday, 12 November, 2012, 12:41

Dear Subrata
WOW!!!  Many congratulations to your son Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea, the 5th generation homeopath from your family.  Amazing, I am sure he will continue your wonderful work in India and also the name of homeopathy is kept going for yet another generation to learn and benefit from this wonderful 'Art and Science' as you would say.
Homeopathy is also continuing well in South Woodham Ferrers, you'll be pleased to know that I have never been so busy as this year.  You have done your job well in teaching me and all your students, well done and a massive thank you.
Hope to see you soon
With love and best wishes
Jan xx

10 Years of Graduates- Celebrate!

10 Years Celebration

The event was accompanied by a tabla ( Indian Traditional drums) player and comparisons to this can be drawn to summarise the evening.

He was a surprise, it is a surprise that so many people arrived to join the graduates and their families at this special event.

He is a craftsman and played the tabla's competently. Well, the graduates are now competent and Allen College practitioners are also competent and proud of their craft.