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Resources & Media

Fiona Wray

CASE STUDY 16th November 2011

binäre optionen handelszeiten Female: Age 50yrs.
Part Time Administrator - Family business.
Married with two grown up children.
Appearance: Petite, slim, well dressed.
Punctual, talkative.
Allopathic Medication: Amlodapeine: 5mg daily for high BP since March 2011.

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Helen Vuletin

Miasm: Myth or Is There Something to It?
Homeopathy is what makes me come alive! I love everything about it – the philosophy of homeopathic medicine, its elegant simplicity as both a healthcare and lifestyle choice, and most of all I love the way homeopathy makes me think deeply and provocatively. Throughout my homeopathic education, I was fortunate and blessed to receive tutelage from many world-renowned scholars and practitioners of homeopathy. I always considered one of my main responsibilities as a student to identify practitioner biases where the practice of homeopathy was concerned, no matter how passionate or persuasive the argument for a particular perspective. One of the greatest biases and issues of contention in homeopathy is the disagreement on what Hahnemann really meant by the word "miasm".