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My Trip To Calcutta & Bengal Allen 2013

It began with apprehension, leaving my young family, Luke ten and Sophie-Rose six for three weeks, but with a passion for Homoeopathy, that is very much inspired and supported by my family. I set out on a journey that has truly touched, moved and motivated me beyond any expectation that I may have had.

So, what did, I hope to achieve from this experience, I only graduated from the Allen College in June 2012?

Clinical experience and simple fast prescribing where the order for the trip.


Beginning with the walk to the Bengal Allen Institute, from the Fair lawn Hotel ( a different story another time), that we were told was a 15 min walk; debatable as I only ever managed 20-25 min tops! A walk that at first can only be described as an assault of every sense, and a fast flowing river of sensations to say the very least, taking me through the busy chicken and fish markets, past the City of Joy slum, past all the entrepreneurial shops that the likes of you or I would have to literally have to fold ourselves in half to get in to, ( I now understand why yoga is a must in India), yes the smell, the noise, the sights, and emotions that after two weeks became unbelievably "normal" and home like!

"We should always try to see the duty of other through their own eyes and never judge the customs of others by our own standard. I am the standard of the universe, I have to accommodate myself to the world and not the world to me"-Swami Vivekananda.

The first lesson as Homoeopaths, is ton understand the un-prejudiced observer, all this before even beginning the course, so 247, patients later, with pathology that would take a lifetime to collate here in the U.K. Calcutta, truly being the mecca of Homoeopathy, where the respect it commands is second to none.

The diversity of this amazing country that is absolutely mind blowing. The clinics in slum areas, where the distribution of milk to children, were humbling to say the very least. The experience of the rural clinic, down near the bay of Bengal, with clear cases with people very much in tune with their own bodies, without the distractions of the western world. Then to help us keep pace with the final week we went up to Darjeeling in the Himalaya's for a well earned break with all the splendour of nature at her finest.

To end, nourishment of the intellect, spirit, and the physical is one way to try to explain the experience, but I have learned that there are sometimes just no words in any language, it is something that just has to be experienced by one’s self as each will find something different. I would very much recommend to any Homoeopath experienced or not to give Homoeopathy in Mother India with the Bengal Allen Institute a try. For me I feel this is very much unfinished business and I would love to take my whole family back one day to share this ongoing journey.

I would very much like to say a huge heart felt thank you to Dr Subrata Banerjea and Janet for their integrity, hospitality and on going, never ending support

Best wishes

Sam Egan