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Donna Fox Dip Hom ACH RSHom.

Postgraduate Student Allen College of Homoeopathy, Technical Supervisor for Video-link Courses for overseas and long distance students.



1) Warts and moles, right side of neck, 4-5 in total. Getting larger, blood red and catch easily, bleed. Was given Thuja 30C 2 doses, now much improved, 1 or 2 small ones still there.
2) Shyness:- Can be very shy clams up. Holds back.
Good natured, can be helpful and considerate.
Can be aggressive and angry when provoked- lashes out.

Gesture-Posture:- During consultation, fidgety with hands, restless. Father mentioned he's not always like this. Seemed uncomfortable with the situation.

When spoken to, child would not answer. At home if he does speak it's almost like a wisper. He didn't like being looked at, so looked down all the time.

He doesn't like to be touched, will scowl and growl, lashes out. Obstinate. Doesn't like any attention, gets angry. With strangers present, sometimes hides and can be very stand offish with them.

Voice loud and strong when excited, but at times can be high pitched.

When reprimanded, gets upset and runs upstairs.

School-Friends:- Plays quite well with other children, but can be aggressive to sisters. Seems to like school. Reading and writing, slowly getting better.

Better when occupied:-Happy.

The child was born in Thailand, mother is Thai and father English. He lived in Thailand for a while, then came to England for a few months, then back to Thailand, now settled in England for last few years.

The child gets very upset, when trying to explain something to you and you don't understand what he's trying to say. He has, had to adjust to learning the two languages and gets confused. He speaks mainly English.

Build:- Stocky, quite big for age.
Aversion to sun, hot weather, prefers to be indoors.
Head:- No Problem.
Eyes:- N.P
Ears:- N.P.
Nose:- N.P
Tongue:- Slight white coating.
Teeth:- N.P.
Throat:- N.P.

Respiratory-Chest:- When younger used to get bad chesty coughs (possibly due to the air conditioning in Thailand) has now improved.

Heart-Circulation:- N.P.
Stomach:- Sometimes vomits after eating too much.
Abdomen:- Operation when young for hernia or twisted gut.
Bowels:- Regular.
Urine:- Normal.
Perspiration:- None.
Joints-extremeties:- N.P.
Nails:- White spots, shiny, flushing.
Skin:- Dry. Lots of moles esp. neck.
Fears:- Dogs (packs of wild dogs in Thailand)
Hot Patient: Likes fresh air.
Hobbies:- Drawing, Computer games.
Desire:- Salt +, salty, Sweet, Chicken, Fish, Egg, Meat, Green Vegetables, Likes ice-cream, Fruit. Warm Food.
Appetite:- Normal.
Thirst:- Normal.
Sleep:- Good. Likes covers on at night. Position:- Sleeps on side (either).
Milestones:- On time, but talking slightly delayed.
Mothers Pregnancy:- Not clear.

Past Medical History:- Chicken pox. Abdominal operation in Thailand, was in intensive care, blocked or twisted gut, Mother not exactly sure. Vaccinations:- No bad reactions.

Family Medical History:- Father – Acid reflux. Mother:- Smoked during pregnancy, otherwise not clear. Sisters:- 2 one of them is half sister – Tonsils removed.

Allergies:- None.


Miasmatic Analysis:

1) Warts and moles – Sycotic.
2) Shy and considerate – Psora
3) Aggressive, Angry – Sycotic.
4) Obstinate – Tubercular.
5) Fidgety, Restless – Sycotic.
6) Introverted – Syphilitic.
7) Sensitive to reprimand – Psora.
8) Aggravation sun – Psora.
9) Tongue; White coating – Sycotic.
10) Nails; White Spots, Shiny, Flushing – Tubercular.
11) Dry Skin – Psora.
12) Fears; Dogs – Tubercular.
13) Hot Patient – Sycotic.
14) Hobbies; Drawing – Tubercular (all creative hobbies tubercular miasm).
15) Desire Salt-Salty – Syco-Tubercular.
16) Warm Food – Sycotic.
17) Desire Sweet – Psora.

Final Prescription Made On The Basis Of:

1) Child doesn't like to be touched or looked at; scowls, growls, lashes out.
2) Angry at any attention; irritable, sulky.
3) During consultation; uncomfortable, hands fidgety, restless –Fretfulness.
4) Unwilling to speak, when spoken to.
5) Obstinate.
6) Stocky build.
7) Dry skin
8) Better for fresh air.
9) Aggravation from sun.
10)White coated tongue.

The miasmatic breakdown of Antim-crud is: Psora++, Sycotic++, Syphilitic+, Tubercular+.

In this particular case I felt Calc-iod came very close as miasmatically there are several Tubercular symptoms. Also the patient is a hot person.

But I felt that in this case, it was mainly mental and emotional symptoms. Also Antim- crud and Calc-iod can be similar in the fact that Iodum also covers obstinate, fretful, peevish, can't bear to be touched or looked at, to speak or be spoken to. But it was the fact that the child would actually growl and snort at you, if you even went near him. Calc-iod may follow well later on if the symptom picture fits.

Final Prescription:

ANTIM-CRUD: 200C, 1 dose- sip in ½ or a litre bottle of water for 10 days, then 10 day gap, followed by 1M, 1dose - sip for 10 days.

Prescription Chart:-

16th April 2009:- Antim-crud, 200C 1 dose, followed by 1M 1 dose.

31st May 2009:- Temperament: Good, more relaxed. Being more patient, especially with younger sister. Seems more talkative, has been doing lots of drawings. Happy when he comes out of school. Doing well with his home-work, reading etc. Went to a wedding reception, played happily with other children he didn't know.

Not as bothered about receiving attention. Always asking questions, curious about things. Confidence – 7/10 , 10 being good.

During follow up appointment; Still fidgety, but more eye contact, still wouldn't speak when asked things, but did nod his head and a bit of a smile.

Everyone who knows him, has seen a change in him, more talkative.
Skin; Warts on neck small, but not much change.
Energy: 9/10, 10 being good.
Appetite: Good.
Sleep: Good.
Patient improving. Sac-lac.

16th July 2009:- Temperament: More talkative, more friendly, much better with people he doesn't know, not as shy. Less angry and aggressive.

School: Doing okay at school, has two or three good friends now, whereas he used to be a bit of a loner. Sports day; After the consultation, went back to school for sports day and came first in his running race.

Skin: Dryness better. Moles/warts on neck changing, sometimes get bigger, then small again.
During consultation: Still a bit fidgety, more communicative by shrugging his shoulders to answer, more eye contact.
Energy:- 9/10 Appetite:- Good Sleep:- Good
Patient improving. Sac-lac.

30th August 2009:- Patient still improving, happier, more confident, noisy. Answers when spoken to. Warts on neck smaller. Sac-lac.

14th October 2009:- Still improving. Sac-lac.

The patient has now been boosted up until this present day. So with just one prescription and no medicine since, the patient is still doing well. Speaks to you of his own accord now, doing very well at school. He's still a little shy, but apart from that doing fine.