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Daniela Karsten

Daniela Karsten- Graduate of The Allen College of Homoeopathy and Assistant at The Allen Teaching Clinic

Pure and Simple
If anyone was ever in any doubt about the power and efficacy of the homoeopathic simplex and similimum, this case is a nice example of Hahnemann's basic philosophy at work.

Sally's Presenting Complaints:- Hot flushes, which had started suddenly and intensely the previous month. Sally described them as "coming from nowhere". On average she was experiencing four to five flushes during the day and two to three per night, which were worse at 2 am, and left her night and bedclothes soaking. The flushes appeared to be gaining in frequency and intensity, climaxing at one every hour on the final Monday before coming. The flushes were starting in the lower torso and travelling upwards to the back and head, accompanied by an outbreak of sweat. Sally explained that she felt "most heat in her back as if leaning on a hot water bottle." There was no redness and in general the hot flushes lasted around two minutes and then subsided. They were better by cold.

It was evident that Sally was in the middle of a very busy and draining period. Work was "going bonkers". Added to which, she was "busy looking after Mum", following an operation and to top it off, Sally was in the final phase of training for a London to Paris charity bike ride. At night she would lay awake for hours, thinking of things. So sleep consisted of short naps and frequent wakings.

In terms of her appearance, Sally was tall, narrow, slender and slightly anaemic. I was in no doubt that she was a social animal, and a great communicator. In fact, she described communication and socialising as one of her hobbies, and herself as generally positive, cheerful and happy, in particular when outdoors, with her animals or with her family and friends. Sally appeared to avoid being alone. Sally also revealed a caring, nurturing and generous aspect to her character, along with an innate restlessness, and sensitivity to external impressions. She had suffered with photosensitive migraine.

Head to foot:- Revealed a history of croup and catarrh, bleeding haemorrhoids, abscesses, gastric disturbances and tension headaches which were worse for mental and physical exertion. Generals:- Confirmed that she was chilly++ but ameliorated by cold water and open air.

Desires:- Sweet and savoury and was thirsty++.

Prescription Made On The Basis Of:-

Primarily, taking into account, her miasmatic profile (predominantly psora, with a strong presence of tubercular-sycotic symptoms, and a trace of syphilitic), her appearance; the suddenness of the symptoms; the upwards flushes of heat along the vertex, with a sensation of burning, ameliorated by cold, along with the accompanying sweats; her desire for company, sympathetic nature and aversion for being alone; her restlessness and sensitivity to external impressions; the fact that she was chilly, but better for cold and open air, I prescribed Phosphorus 30C, 1 dose, followed by 200C, 1 dose, based on Aetiology: Mental exertion, worry, possible loss of vital fluids as a result of regular sweats and excessive exercise.


At the first follow-up, four weeks later, the flushes, sweats at night had decreased by 50%, and Sally was sleeping much better. Although, the flushes were still occurring 4-5 times during the day, they were 30% less intense and Sally noticed that she was "cooling down quicker". Wellbeing was much improved, in particular, her physical energy which had increased from

4-5/10 to 9/10.

Five weeks later, Sally sent me an e-mail update reporting that, "it's all going well...calmed down almost entirely. Just feeling the odd warm glow and sleeping much better."

At the second follow-up two weeks later Sally reported that her presenting complaint was "nowhere near how things were before I came". In fact, in the last three weeks Sally had not experienced any symptoms, and noted that "at this moment there is 100% improvement". I raised an inner smile and felt a warm glow when Sally added that "I couldn't be more impressed or happier!!"

Daniela Karsten

8th November 2011