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Fiona Wray

CASE STUDY 16th November 2011

Female: Age 50yrs.
Part Time Administrator - Family business.
Married with two grown up children.
Appearance: Petite, slim, well dressed.
Punctual, talkative.
Allopathic Medication: Amlodapeine: 5mg daily for high BP since March 2011.


Anxiety +++

Symptoms began mid Feb 2011, one week before 50th birthday party. Stressful time, wanted it to go well. Close family friend died of heart attack age 51. Party postponed. Week later woke in the night - Palpitations, tightness below breast (+++), feverish, faint, fear of death ( +++).

Went to GP for tests – Thyroid: NP (No Problem), Cholesterol NP, BP high (family history, plus high during both her pregnancies)
BP - 16.11.11 on waking: 140/91, later in day after two exercise classes 120/70.

Since Feb 2011 - Palpitations 7/7, after meals or wake her in the night. Constantly has fingers on pulse. Obsessed with health (+++).

Constant feeling in chest – Fluttery; Tight; Knotty; Changeable. Can radiate around rib cage < pressure, can't wear a bra.
> exercise, distraction, drinking water, leaning forwards.
< resting, thinking about it, night time (friend died during night), fearful when night falls.

Frightened (+++) for own health and that of husband.
Perfectionist but not excessively tidy.
Menses: Regular 26 day cycle until this year. Only 2 menses during 2011, last one in June.
P/H: Varicose veins surgically removed, both legs. High BP during both pregnancies.
Loves fresh air. Exercise >>> generally.

Temperament: Happy, caring, helpful, family orientated, sociable but can be shy. Enjoys home making. Talkative (++). Doesn't brood. Irritable lately (never was before) husband gets the brunt.

Tearful (++) since Feb 2011 & recently anxious when flying, on train, in cinema.
Average appetite - No strong likes / dislikes.
Likes wine and coffee but feels both <.
Dislikes windy weather.


ACONITE 1M, 2 doses. Sip for 5 days then 2 day gap, sip 2nd sachet for 5 days.

Kali Phos Tissue Salts 6x, Take 3 tablets, 3xdaily.

1st follow up 14th December 2011.

Palpitations >> - 2 x intensely during social situations after meal & wine, otherwise minor. No longer waking her during night.
Frightened feeling during night >>>. If wakes to urinate will drop back off to sleep quickly.
Fear of going to bed / night fall >>>
Obsession with health >>
Knotting in chest >>>. Now able to wear sports bra again.
Irritability >>> (husband has commented she appears to be back to old self).
Calmer >>>
Tearfulness >>>

BP Today 140/80. Still taking prescribed medication and wants to continue with this until she feels 100% confident again.

Has cut down on wine generally. Has one glass now instead of two. Doesn't appear to have bad effects from coffee but hasn't really tested out - has one cup daily.